Our Custom Contact REACTIVATION SERVICE converts dormant and stagnant contacts into HUNGRY customers.

Win Back Dormant Customers

Strengthen existing relationships

Gain insight competitive intelligence

Reduced customer acquisition cost

In this day and age it's almost impossible to get someone's full attention.

Your ideal customer may be on their phone, waiting for a doctor's appointment, or they might be on a packed plane looking at Twitter or Facebook. So you must be extra-sure you have their undivided attention before you give them any valuable information. That's why you must link your list to a powerful CRS (Contact Reactivation Service) like LeadConnector,

Stay in touch with your customers

all the time, send your message to prospects

and convert them into leads.

  • Low Cost - High ROI
  • Maximizes Revenue
  • FAST and real results
  • Save time following up

Increased Revenues With No Ad Cost

If you want to increase your revenue, then reactivation is for you. Resell or upsell to dormant customers. You can do this by reactivating them with a campaign. This is an even better opportunity if a dormant customer had a positive experience with your brand in the past. And when new customers are harder to attract than keeping existing ones, the ROI of reactivation can be significant.

Get customers Back to spend More

If you’re in sales or marketing, your primary concern is bringing in new customers. That’s to be expected—after all, new business is the engine that sustains businesses growth. However, it may surprise you to learn that re-engaging inactive customers can boost profits tremendously. Just a 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits up to 95%.

Gain competitive intelligence

You might think that if you don’t hear from a customer, they’ve moved on. But maybe they’re just inactive. A reactivation campaign can help you understand why customers leave you for your competitors. By learning why people leave, you can fix the issue and protect your business in the future.

Contact Reactivation Qualifications

To qualify for a CRS campaign your business must have these 3 things:

Service Based B2B

Established Business

You must have an established business with it being in at least 2 years of operation and a good sales conversion process.

Understand Change

We can only help you and your business growth if you understand that you have a marketing problem, which we can definitely help, but only if you're open to new ideas.

Lifetime Customer Value

You will need to have the ability to bring on new customers, clients or patients for business growth.

Ecom Business

Established Business

You must have an established business with it being in at least 1 year of operation and a good following, product that is tangible.

Customer Database

A database of leads that are either old or have never done business with you before with their name and phone number.

Proven Product

You will need a proven product that you know converts well. That has gross more than $7k in monthly sales. If you don’t have one we will help research one for you.

CRS Campaign Feedback

We also ask that you have the willingness to provide feedback

on the CRS campaign with a written or video testimonial.

If you would like to apply for a Database Reactivation trial

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